Why has been a small Swiss style house in Munich named „Lola Montez house“?

Deutsch: Das Lola-Montez-Haus, auch „königlich...

Deutsch: Das Lola-Montez-Haus, auch „königliches Liebesnest“, ein kleines Gebäude im Schweizer Landhausstil am Isarhochufer im Münchner Stadtteil Harlaching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, not as you might think. No, not as proclaimed everywhere. That would be way too simple.

The notorious dancer and impostor Lola Montez has never set her foot into that house.

When she twisted king Ludwig I. around her little finger, among others gifts she also received a house in the Barer street No. 7, where he used to visit her quite often. Also when she had to flee Munich, it was not the
Swiss style house in the Menterschwaige where she stayed overnight.
According to her letter dated February 11th, 1848 to the king, she slept one night in a guesthouse in Großhesselohe which is on the other side of the river Isar. For the 2nd night she stayed in the Blutenburg Castle and moved on to Lindau and from there to Switzerland.

She couldn’t have stayed in the little Swiss style house, nor ever meet her king Ludwig there. Why not? It wasn’t there yet. Due to the historical building atlas of the Munich Council, the Swiss style house has been built at the earliest in 1858, while Lola Montez had to leave Munich forever ten years before in 1848.

As suggested by a commentary to an interesting lawsuit from April 1st, 2010 dealing with oversized cork fee, the little Swiss style house has indeed been named after Lola Montez due to her habit of twisting the truth.

Why however, – so asks the curious reader – anybody should undertake such efforts to build up a legend?

Right, you are already sensing it. The answer may be found in another article in the ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ from September 6th, 2012: “Also the current owner Frank Wiedenmann, who lavishly renovated the property in 1998/99 with great concern to the details in the style of 1850 is feeding this story. Critics presume that the businessman is mostly interested in the profitable lease for private events.”


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2012-09-06 SZ_LMH Legende


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